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Drinks at #TheKitchenNextDoor

Drinks at #TheKitchenNextDoor

Merry Christmas! #Xmas #Christmas

Merry Christmas! #Xmas #Christmas

Éomer in The Return of the King Part 2 of 2


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Wellington Press Conference for Return of the King

Is this thin privilege?


thin privilege is having a two floor forever 21 and not having just one section in the corner that has stuff in your plus size. 

In a word, no. I don’t deny that thin privilege exists, but we also need to stop blaming EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING on it. It is not thin privilege to shop at store that sells cheap clothes, and is freaking designed for teeny-boppers—people who are not yet grown women, and usually have smaller bodies. (Not that everyone that shops at Forever 21 aren’t grown women. However, the store really does cater to the teenage population.)

This is why there are plus size stores. Go to a store that carries clothing that fit you, and don’t complain that some stores don’t cater to your every need. If I go to Baby Gap, it is pretty obvious I won’t find clothing that fits me, but I’m not going to make a scene about it. Also, coming from the other end, as someone who is 5’ 2” and under 100 lbs, I often have the opposite problem: that clothes are usually too big for me. I don’t go around telling people that this is TALL PRIVILEGE or FAT PRIVILEGE. I accept that not all clothing stores cater to me, and that is fine. I will go elsewhere to find clothes.